Keeping trash where it belongs, even in the strongest winds.

By implementing bin locks in our community,
it can become one of the solutions to the litter problem, 
ensuring that waste is contained and disposed of properly.

Our shop is now open:

Bin sheds

Variety of Bin shed to purchase or make.

Litter picking

Information, guides and tools for littering picking as a individual or volunteer group.

Recycling bin information

Information about your recycling bins content.


Newly added is the Bin sheds, find a bin shed or make your own.
Shop is now active and parts are in stock.
We have some stock already available and the rest will be arriving next week.
Two gravity locks will be added to the shop in the near future, these will be specialised with a lock
which automatically released when the trucks tilt the bin.
We have now got 4 or 5 options being working on, manufacturers are lined up and waiting on sample arriving,
once sample arrive we will ask WLC to test them and confirm which ones they will approve for use.
We are current busy looking at 4 different versions of bin clips/bin locks for all types of wheelie bins.
We're in the testing and prototype phase at the moment.