Recycling bin information

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West Lothian council

This is the recommendation from West Lothian council for the recycling bins.
You can find the information HERE

Plastic recycling - Green bins

Everything in your green bin needs to be clean, empty and dry.

Plastic drinks, detergent and shampoo bottles. Rinse out and squash them to save space. Tip: Remove the lids and put them in the green bin
too. You can recycle clear and coloured plastic.

Lids from plastics bottles, margarine tubs, ice cream tubs and coffee jars.
Remove lids and put them in the green bin.

Tin cans, drinks cans, clean foil and foil pie/quiche trays. Make sure aerosol cans are as empty as possible and that foil and cans are not contaminated by food waste. You don't need to remove labels. Put the lids in the green bin too.

Juice, soup, custard and smoothie cartons.
Tip: Flatten to save space and remove lids and put them in the green bin too.

Yoghurt and pudding pots, noodle pots, ready-made soup and pasta pots.

Ice cream, margarine tubs, ready meal tubs.
Tip: Take the lids off; put them in the green bin.

Ready meal and microwave food trays, fruit punnets, biscuit trays
Tip: Rinse to make sure they are not contaminated by food waste.

Clean and empty carrier bags, bread bags, pre-packed vegetable bags, cereal and pasta bags. Tip: Please don't put anything inside plastic bags, it prevents them being separated at the recycling facility.

Paper, card and cardboard recycling - Blue bins

Flat pack the items.